LeadWay Führung is leading brand of Chinese plastic injection moulding machines. We only design and make high quality European style servo drive plastic injection machines for mid-high end customers from European, American and other markets. LeadWay Führung servo injection moulding machines range from 60ton to 1300ton meeting EU CE and Korean KS standard. Our servo injection machines are competent with plastic injection molding for precision,thin-wall,high speed, PVC, PET products. We have established agents in Italy, Spain, Czech, Poland, Turkey, Iran, Russia, etc. We are still looking for agents worldwide! Join us Now!

Clamping Unit.jpg

Clamping Unit

European style ejector structure, larger tie-bar distance, stronger locking force, faster cycle time

Injection Unit.jpg

Injection Unit

Lightweight design, dual carriage cylinders, precise linear guide rail, faster injection speed, more precise

Hydraulic Unit.jpg

Hydraulic Unit

Servo motor system with world famous brands hydraulic parts, more reliable, quicker response.

Electric Unit.jpg

Electric Unit

World well-known brands electric parts, high quality multi-language controller, CE safety standard

Leadway Plastic Machinery
Leadway Plastic Machinery

Leadway Plastic Machinery
Leadway Plastic Machinery

Leadway Plastic Machinery
Leadway Plastic Machinery

Leadway Plastic Machinery
Leadway Plastic Machinery

We are born with unique advantages
  • Established by technical team with more than 20 years’ experience in designing and manufacturing plastic injection machines.

  • Since 2006, Making OEM IMM machines for European brands, only focusing on high quality plastic injection machines.

  • Machines with features of precision, energy-saving, high efficiency, safety, user-friendly, affordable prices.

  • TUV rheinland certified CE, UL, KS, ETC

  • Supply custom-made service and turnkey solution.Customers can enjoy one-stop purchase experience.

How to choose right plastic injection machines for your plastic components

One of my friend recommended their machines to me, so i visited them. At beginning, i had some worry. But when i saw these molding injection machines in the plant, i could feel the machines are stronger and quality is good. So i bought one set firstly. Machines are working well for the past two years. I am planning to buy new one.


Q: Is it possible for your company to send engineer to install machine for commissioning, even train our workers?

  • A: Yes, we can send our engineer to your factory for installing, commissioning, training. We have some engineers flying among different countries.



  • Do you know the whole process of PET injection molding?

Mar. 08, 2018

Abstract: PET plastic injection molding process is one of the very important technology for plastic processing.This blog systematically introduces PET processing by plastic injection molding machines. The content includes PET property, features, injection molding process, molding machines, process conditions,  processing ways,etc. It will help PET making factory get useful knowledge in few minutes.