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Führung  series high quality plastic injection molding machines range from 100 Ton to 1300 Ton in clamping force, totally 12 models. Compared with other suppliers, our machines have unique features and advantages attributing to our years' experience and understanding of plastic industry. Contact us to see more related to features, functions, configuration, models , technical parameters, quotations, etc. Except for basic functions and configurations, we are good at making custom-made machines based on standard series machines. 

  • Blaze 1100-II

  • Blaze 1500-II

  • Blaze 1700-II

  • Blaze 2200-II

  • Blaze 2800-II

  • Blaze 3500-II

  • Blaze 4500-II

  • Blaze 5500-II

  • Blaze 7000-II

  • Blaze 9000-II

  • Blaze 11000-II

  • Blaze 13000-II

As a complete system of injection molding process, plastic injection machine is not independent. It should establish effective connection with auxiliary equipment for better output in quality and quantity. These auxiliary equipment include auto loader, material mixer, hopper dryer, crusher, color doser, mold temperature controller, chiller, cooling tower, robots, air compressor, etc. Ningbo Leadway Machinery has been committed itself to providing turn-key solutions of plastic injection engineering. Enter to get more solutions or contact us to get solutions for your projects.

  • Auto loader.

  • Machines Components

An injection mold is a tool for producing plastic products; it is also a tool to give the complete structure and exact size of the plastic products. Injection molding is a processing method used in the mass production of some complex parts of shape. In particular, the plastic, which is heated by the injection machine, is shot into the mold cavity by the high pressure of the injection molding machine, and the forming product is obtained after the cooling and curing.

  • PET preform mold Plastic